Scheduling a report through Advisor
  • 13 Sep 2022
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Scheduling a report through Advisor

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*Note: This feature requires prior purchase of Advisor, an automated report service.

Reports can be set up to be automatically filed or emailed at scheduled times. This is helpful for keeping daily records of business activities.

 Automated reports can be set up from Report Wizard and all other report buttons (i.e.- Account screen, Payment Screen, Campaign overview) *

Click on to open the  "Automated Report Editor" window. The Automated Report window can also be accessed by navigating to Tools > Administration > Automated Report Service > 'New...'.

Automated Report Editor:


1. Choose the Action (ie- Run Report, Run Update, Run Export, Run Mail Merge)

Select the Run Updates option if the selected report includes updates and the update should run after the report is completed.

2. Select the Report

3. Choose the Filter - you can create a filter at this point by clicking on "New" or "Edit" a current filter. See How to Create a Filter?

OR Single ID- this will run for single ID (Example: Single Account ID). If this option is available for the selected report, the ID list be active. Select the field and enter ID#.

4. Parse Variables- for many reports, parameters are required at run time. Being that these reports will be automated, you must fill these parameters at this point in time.

Example: Filter prompts, Sort Order, Include/Exclude Totals/Date

a. Click on .

b. If there are variables to parse, the Parameters Required box will open

c. Fill the values for the parameters as needed and select "OK"

d. The values are now saved.

e. If you do not want to save a value, uncheck "Save".

Example: A parameter that set up for Preset Time (ie- One Month Ago). You want "one month ago" to be calculated each time the report runs. Make sure that these variables are not saved.



The report can be emailed, filed. Select the desired option.

File- a. the file path must be set as a User Preference in the Database

b. Enter "File Name". The date will be tacked onto the file name for each run time.

Email- a. Set Email address to send To, CC and BCC. Set the From email address to an email account that should receive replies.

b. Content- Set file type. Most common is PDF format

c. Enter email subject line and email body



 A report can be scheduled to run Once or Multiple Times

Once- select "Once" and choose Next Run Date .


a. The scheduled dates can be based on Gregorian (English Calendar) or Lunar dates

b. You can choose a Preset Time (ie- Daily at Midnight, First of Month, Last of Month, etc) or specify a custom schedule:

c. Set the time for each run: Every or Select

Minute- what minute (ie- 0 is 'o clock)

Hour- (ie- 0 is top of the hour)

Day - Day of the Month (ie - 1 is 1st of month

Month- Month of Year (ie- 1 is January)

DOW- Day of Week

Week- Week #

Select Day & Month OR DOW & Week.

Example: Run a report the 1st and 15th of the month at 5:00 AM

Minute = 0, Hour = 5, Day = 1 & 15, Month= Every

Example: Run a report on the First Sunday of the Month at 10:30 PM

Minute = 30, Hour = 22, DOW = 1, Week = 1

To set the next run time based on the schedule, click on . The Next Run date will not affect the schedule created. You can set the run date to today and continue on with scheduled dates.

 Set End Date for last run time for automated report. If no End date is set, report will continue to run as scheduled.

- Check the box if you want to continue running the report at each scheduled time regardless if there is data or not. If this option is not selected, the report will continue to run until there are results.

- Check the box if you want to send email regardless if there is data in the report or not. 

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