Quick Pledge
  • 19 Sep 2022
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Quick Pledge

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Article summary

Pledge Quick Entry allows for faster processing of pledge entry. Instead of opening each account, going to pledges and adding a new pledge, it allows you to search for the Account ID (or key it in) and add new pledges one right after another without opening each account.

  1. Go to Financials - Quick Pledge
  2. Enter the pledge date (clicking in the field will automatically fill in today's date)
  3. Select the Default Occasion that you want to create pledges for
  4. Select the invoice type from the Acknowledgement letter drop down list
  5. Select the Default Associations that you want linked to all pledges within the current session
  6. Click on Account ID to bring up the open account screen and search for the right account. You can also click on the smart search and type in the name of the account that you are looking for. Alternatively, you can key in the Account ID if you know it.
  7. Enter the amount of the pledge.
  8. To print the invoice, check 'To Be Printed'. You can set the hammer for the 'Print' option to remain as your default setting. http://support.admng.com/files/images/QkPlg_toprint.bmp
  9. Check the 'Flag Prompt' for additional associations to include on the single pledge other than the default associations selected in the main screen. The Flag prompt will also allow you to update the Prospect (such as status or solicitor) at this point in time.
  10. Click on save - this will save the pledge and will open the Flag prompt box when checked.

To enter another pledge, key in the Account ID and enter the pledge amount for the next account. The pledge date, occasion, acknowledgement letter and associations will remain the same as selected for the previous pledge unless you change it.

Clicking on display past pledges will display previous pledges for the account currently selected. All past pledges will be displayed from the date specified. Occasion name, pledge date, amount, and outstanding details are displayed.


Note: Occasions will be highlighted if the selected account has an existing pledge listed for this occasion.


The lower section of this screen shows the history of pledge entries for the current session. This helps keep track of which pledges you have just entered. The Account ID, Date, and Pledge Amount columns will be displayed in this window.

Note: You cannot set up a payment plan in the pledge quick entry screen. That needs to be done from the individual account pledges.

From the Payment Screen as a payment is entered

Pledges can also be entered at the time of entering the payment. For example, if someone donates money without a previous pledge, the payment and pledge can be entered simultaneously.

See: ‘Creating a pledge upon payment’ under entering payments

Editing Pledges:

Pledges can be edited by:

  1. Selecting the pledge, and click the Edit button on the right side . OR

Right click on the pledge, and select Edit.

  1. After the changes are made, click Save or Apply to save your changes

Note: This is done under the pledges expander of the account the pledge you are editing is in.

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