Creating a New Form
  • 18 Sep 2023
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Creating a New Form

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  1. Create a new form type: 

  1. The first step in creating a new form is setting up the form type. To do this, you will go to Tools Forms Form Type Setup 

  1. Select New to create a new form type. 

  1. In the Name box, give your form type a unique name.  

  1. To assign a color to your form (which will display a color for this form type on the student /staff browser) click the three dots next to color and choose the color you would like. 

  1. The Sort allows you to choose which order the forms will show up in on your student / staff browser. A form with a lower number sort, will display before a form with a higher number entered in the sort field.  

  1. In the box next to For you will need to choose what this form type relates to. When you click on the three dots next to the For box, you will see that you have five options: 

  1. Account - When a form is related to an account, that will mean that each account only needs to fill this form out once, regardless of how many students are on that account.  

  1. Registration – When a form is related to a registration, this will mean that the form needs to be filled out once for each student on an account, for each registration.  

  1. Student – When a form is related to student, this means that the form needs to be filled out only once for each student on an account (and does not need to be filled out again with every term / registration). 

  1. Staff – When a form is related to staff, it will need to be filled out once for each staff member.  

  1. Term – When a form is related to term, it will need to be filled out once per account per term.  

  1. The Role field will give permission to only a specific admire role to view the form. If this is not necessary, it's best to leave this field blank. 

  1. You can choose how you would like the form to expire. The Expires When dropdown has four options: 

  1. Never will make this form never expire and is used for forms that only need to be filled out once per account / student / staff for all time. 

  1. Manual (most used) will allow you to choose when you want this form to expire when assigning the form.  

  1. Interval allows you to choose an interval of when you want this form to expire in the interval box below it. 

  1. Cron will allow you to choose a schedule a frequency of how often you want this form to expire using the three dots next to the schedule field. 

  1. Finally, you will need to set which browser you would like to view this form in. Click the dropdown by Display Locations and choose which browser you would like to have this form in. Make sure to click the arrow to the right of the box, which will then save the display location in the box beneath the dropdown. Make sure you see your selection in the box that says Display Location, or your selection did not save. You can choose multiple display locations from the dropdown if you would like it to show up in both the medical forms and other forms. 

  1. Click on Apply to save all your changes to your new form type. 


  1. Create the new form: 

  1. If this will be a Parent Portal form, now that form type is created you can create the new form. (If you aren’t using the Parent Portal you can skip to requiring the form on the accounts).  

  1. Go to Parent Portal Forms > Web Form Configuration 

  1. Select your website and click Connect. 

  1. When you click on the new form button it will allow you to create a new form from scratch. You can also click on the dropdown and choose Copy Form to create a copy of an existing form, or New From Template to copy one of our standard template forms.  

  1. Once you choose the form to copy from, the Edit Web Form dialog box will pop up.  

  1. Web Page allows you to select if you want this form to be on the apply page on your parent portal, or on your forms page.  

  1. By Form Type, choose the new form type that you just created.  

  1. Name this new form a unique name.  

  1. The Sort number controls the order the forms will show up in on the parent portal. Lower numbers will display before higher numbers.  

  1. If you have a charge for this form, you can fill out the Charge Amount, otherwise leave this field blank.  

  1. Override admin email – If you would like to receive notifications on form submissions to an email other than the one that is set in your parent portal setting, enter that email here.  

  1. Next you need to choose a Lookup for Prefill. This is selecting whose information the system will be using to prefill your web forms. This field must be filled in for the form to load on the parent portal. You want to choose a lookup that sounds like it relates to the kind of form you are creating. If the form is for students, you will pick a student lookup for prefill, if its tuition contract you will choose a tuition contract lookup.  

  1. You usually won’t need a filter on your prefill lookup, or for students you might put a current registration filter.  

  1. One per Account will only create one form of this form type on each parent portal account. 

  1. Click apply to save your changes, and OK to close the dialog box.  

  1. You can then require this new form on your accounts and upload them to the parent portal.  

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