Donor Classes
  • 23 Jan 2024
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Donor Classes

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Article summary

You may want to set up different categories of Donors in your Database in order to classify them by what degree they donate to your cause.

To set up these Donor Classes:

  1.  Go to Tools -> Donor Class Setup
  2.  The following screen will pop up: The screen (above) shows 3 classes of donors and the order in which they will be sorted.
  3. You can add/edit this screen to change/add more classifications.  
    1. To change a class just override what is written in.  
    2. To add another class just type in the empty box under "Low".  
    3. You can also add/edit the sort by doing the same thing in the "Sort" column.

To Assign Accounts to the Classes:

  1. On an Individual account:

    1. Open the account
    2. Press the Icon with the paper and pen on the top left corner (the one needed to make changes to account, circled on the screenshot below)
    3. Choose the Class you want from the drop down list (see second circle on screenshot below)
  2. In Bulk:

    1. Open the  Search Accounts screen (Accounts -> Search Accounts)
    2.  Filter and/or Search for the accounts you would like to classify, pulling up accounts in the screen.
    3.  Select the accounts you would like to classify from the list and hit the "Donor Class" button on the side (see screenshot)
    4.  The system will prompt you if you would like to update only the selected record(s).  
      This means: do you want to assign all the accounts on the list or only the accounts you selected?  
      1. If you only want to assign the accounts you selected, hit "Yes".  
      2. If you want all the accounts on the list to get the Donor Class then hit "No".
    5.  A screen will pop up.  Select from the dropdown list the class you want to assign and hit "OK".

To View Log of Donor Class Changes:

If you would like to see a log of what/when changes were made to an accounts classifications:

  1.  Go into the account
  2.  Hit the button to the right of the Donor Class dropdown list (circled in blue on the screenshot)
  3.  A log will pop up with all the changes made to this accounts Donor Classifications.

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