Importing Payments
  • 15 Sep 2023
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Importing Payments

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Article Summary

If Parents made payments online, go to Parent Portal, Pay Portal:

  • To Import Payments:Go to the "Import Payments" tab.
    • Hit the "Load" button, to load the payments that came in.
    • If you would like to include payments already imported then check off the box "Include Already Imported".
    • Set the order of the occasions you would like the payments to be applied to.
      • Click the "Occasion Sort" button and the Occasion Sort screen will pop up.
      • First you can choose whether Admire should apply the payments to "Due Now" or "Outstanding" by selecting the appropriate choice from the drop down list under "By default apply towards:"
      • Then you can add Occasions from the other dropdown.  Select the Occasion you want and then hit "Add".  
      • You can then adjust the order of the Occasions by selecting one and hitting the "Up" or "Down" buttons on the side.
      • You can also hit the "Remove" button to take away an Occasion that you do not want there any longer.
      • Once you have the order of the Occasions listed properly, hit the "Ok" button.
    • You can also choose which Batch the payments should go into
      • Select the payments you want to be in this batch
      • Then select the batch from the dropdown screen and hit the green down arrow button 
    • You can check off the "Create Pledge for Remainder " option, if you want Admire to generate a pledge for a payment that goes over the existing pledges.
  • Once you have the payments you would like to import selected then you can press the "Import Data" button to import them into Admire.

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