QuickBooks Integration
  • 11 Jan 2023
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QuickBooks Integration

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QuickBooks Integration

Initial Setup

Payments are grouped by batch. In addition, you must choose whether to further group your payments by Occasion, by Payment Method, or by both Occasion and Payment Method. The default setting is Occasion and Payment Method.

To set up this preference:
• Tools -> User Options -> Preferences -> Financial -> QB Integration Group By
• Choose Occasion, Occasion and Payment Method, or Payment Method
• Click Save

Report Wizard

  1. Choose an Action: Run Export

  2. Choose an Export: Payment List for QuickBooks Integration

  3. Choose a Filter: You can choose to leave the filter blank to have all batches not marked as Recorded to Bookkeeping included. If you’d like to limit your export to specific criteria, you can create a filter for the batch/batches that you’d like to include.

  4. Type a description: Name your Report, for example: QuickBooks Integration. Click the Star on the right to save as a Report Favorite to easily rerun the report.

  5. Process: Click Export

    • On the bottom of the screen, click on ‘Click here to save export’. See Downloading files from Admire Unlimited for instructions on saving files in Admire Unlimited.
    • Enter a File Name. Make sure the file name does not contain special characters like commas or periods.
    • Click Save
    • Click the Update Now button on top of your export. This will fill in the “Date Recorded to Bookkeeping” field on the batch.

If you’d like to setup the export to run automatically at specified intervals, click Automate

  • Data Tab:
    Check ‘Run update on success’
  • Delivery Tab:
    To: Enter the email address the export should be sent to
    Select TXT from the Content – Format dropdown
  • Frequency Tab:
    Frequency: Select Scheduled
    Next Run: Double click in the field to set to the current date/time
    Select how frequently the export should be emailed
  • Click OK

Deposit to QuickBooks Utility

  • Initial Setup: Download DepositToQuickBooks.zip from your Admire client portal -> Admire Unlimited Page -> Admire Unlimited Setup -> Quickbooks Integration and extract to your C:\ drive.
  • If this is the first time you are integrating with QuickBooks on your computer, please contact Admire tech support to install QBFC7 which allows the integration of Admire with QuickBooks.
  • Open QuickBooks in Single User mode (do NOT open as Administrator)
  • Run the DepositToQuickBooks Utility (C:\DepositToQuickBooks\DepositToQuickbooks.exe - right click on the application on your taskbar and select Pin to taskbar for easy access)
  • Source File: Browse and select the file you want to import
  • The first time you run the utility you will need to give access Admire to integrate with QuickBooks. Open QuickBooks and follow the prompts.
  • Select the rows to import using either the checkboxes on the left of the Select All / Clear All / Invert Selection options on the bottom of the screen.
  • Red cells indicate that the value does not exist in QuickBooks. You can choose to select the correct QuickBooks value from the list or leave the Admire value and it will be automatically created in QuickBooks.
  • To update either the entire batch or the full list, update one row and then right click
  • Deposit Date: this field pulls from the batch deposit date, if not filled in the deposit date will be set to today’s date
  • Click Enter Deposits into QuickBooks to import into QuickBooks. Imported rows will turn Grey/Italicized

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