RayzeIt Documentation
  • 05 Sep 2022
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RayzeIt Documentation

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Rayze.It Imports

There are 2 methods of storing/importing your Rayze.It campaign into Admire:


The 1st method will create an association in Admire for each Raiser. When donations come in, the pledge will get a pledge association of the raiser that brought in that pledge.

To use this method, you will be doing the “Participant Import” to import the raisers, and the “General Financial Import” to import the donations. When doing the General Financial Import, there should be a column in your spreadsheet for “Association” that has the raiser id. Make sure to check off “Match

Association on Global Merge Field”. In the participant import, the Raiser’s Web Id gets stored as a global merge field on the association – which is how it matches them up. The raiser’s link and goal will also get

imported as global merge fields on the raiser’s account.

There are a few system user prefs that should get set before doing the participant import. Found in the User Prefs screen, under Web Import:

    1. Participant Import Account Association To Add – here you can choose an account association to add to all raisers (Ex: “Raiser 2021”)
    2. Participant Import Association Group – this is the association group that the new raiser associations will be part of.
    3. Participant Import Prefix For Associations – new raiser associations will get created using the format of LastName,FirstInitial-ActId (Ex: Smith,J-1234). You can specify a specific prefix to add before that for all the raiser association codes that get created. (would usually be something that shows which campaign it’s for. Ex:“TCSmith,J-1234”, “TCKohn,N-2345”)


Create an obligation in Admire for each raiser of how much they need to raise. As donations come in, a credit will be applied towards that raiser’s obligation.

To use this method, you will first do the “P2P Obligation Import” – to create the obligations. An obligation will get created on that account with the “Goal” being the obligation amount.

Then you’ll use the “P2P Donation Import” – to import the donations. As the donation is imported, it will create a credit on the raiser’s account.

When doing the Obligation import – it inserts a global merge field on the obligation, of the Raiser ID (runnerID). Then, when doing the Donation import - it would then select the obligation based on the runnerID field on that donation.

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