Requiring Forms
  • 18 Sep 2023
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Requiring Forms

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Article Summary

In order to have accurate forms for all the parents to fill out each year, you will need to require the correct forms to the correct people. To do this, you will go to School Forms Forms Admin.  

  1. Start by choosing the form that you want to require. Choose a Form Type and click on Fill Lookup. (The Related To and Lookup Fields will populate with the correct setting that were set when creating the form and form type.) 

  1. You can choose a filter for specific accounts, or create a new one for the people you would like to require this form for.  

  1. Press Search and make sure that the list you see is the list of people you want this form to be required for. You will see the number of accounts that pull up in the List Count box, by Full List. You can Select All or make a selection of people you would like to require this form for.  

  1. You will have three processing options: 

  1. Don’t create if exists – this is generally recommended and is selected by default. With this option selected, the form will only be created on an account if that form is not on the account yet. (If a form is related to student, but is only one per account, this will ensure that only one form per account is created. If you do create if exists, you will have multiples in this instance.) 

  1. Do create if exists – this will require the form on all the selected accounts even if the accounts have the form on them already.  

  1. Do create if exists with expiration date prior to – with this option selected, you can choose an expiration date, and forms will be required on all selected accounts, including ones that have the form already, but only with expiration date prior to the one you chose.  

  1. In the Form Options box you can choose the status to give all the selected forms. To require the forms on all selected accounts, choose require. (You can also choose any other status if you would like to bulk update forms in this screen.) 

  1. To make the form only required starting on a specific date, check Date Required and fill the date in the date required box.  

  1. If the form type was set to manual expiration, you can check the Expiration Date and fill in the date you would like this form to expire.  

  1. Request sent date – If you would like to keep track of the day that you sent the request for the form you can enter it here.  

  1. Click process to apply all your changes to all the selected accounts.  

  1. Once forms are created, updates can be made in bulk in the Update Forms tab. You can delete the forms, change the status, and add expiration dates etc. This screen will pull up all forms of all statuses, so you may want to filter for the specific forms or status that you want to update. 

  1. You can click on View Form to view a form that was already received and imported into admire.    

  1. Keeping track of your forms: You may want to keep track of forms that were received, or still required. It may be helpful to create a filter that will prompt you for Form TypeForm status, and Term. This will allow you to pull up each form, and see which ones are received, and which ones are still required. You can Export this list if you’d like.  

  1. You can also filter for Term and Status which will show you all forms that are still required / received for the upcoming term.  

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