School Setup Checklist
  • 19 Sep 2022
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School Setup Checklist

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Starting a new year requires some setup time. Here's a list of steps to get the new term loaded:

  • Define the occasions: A new term comes along with new charges. Most typically, tuition and registration.

Set up all such charges in Campaigns >> Setup >> Occasion Setup. This is usually done by someone in the financials department. (To continue with Term Setup assume that the Occasion was created.)

  • Create the new Term
  • Generally, Grades would be set up already by this point. If they are not, a grade could be added by going to School >> Setup >> Grades, Add the grade to the bottom row with the * (this indicates a new record) Press ‘OK’.
  • If the classes need to be setup, it is done at this point. Go to School >> Setup >> Classes. In the row with a * - new record – you will fill in the class name, ex: 9A, 10א as the Class. Choose the appropriate grade from the drop down as the Grade. Choose Type, and StudentBreakDownType as desired. Press ‘OK’.

Note: Use Alt-Shift to enter a class name with Hebrew text (if Hebrew is enabled on your computer)

  • To set up subjects: Go to School >> Setup>> Subject. In a new record type the subject name, and the grade that the subject is being taught to, and Press ‘OK’.
  • Teacher Setup:
    • All teachers are created as staff members. There is a teacher check box field that you have to check off so that the teacher can be selected on a course. See Staff Setup.
  • All students that are currently in the school that are continuing for the upcoming term, will need to be registered. See Student Advancement Wizard Section.
  • In order to use the Attendance Features, report card features, print class lists etc., Courses will need to be created along with proper sessions and enrollments. See Course Setup.
  • For new students joining, the student profile needs to be created in the Student browser. See Creating a student.
  • Tuition Contract- Now that students are registered, tuition contracts can be negotiated. See Tuition Contracts.

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