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Article Summary

The action pad can be used for Class Attendance, Meal Attendance, Bus Dismissal, Office Messages and Student Infractions*.

How to Register ID Cards/Fobs:

  1. Action Pad tab >> Register ID Cards
    On this screen you can register the teachers’ cards/fobs.

It is advisable for the office to have a second set of cards/fobs that can be used by a substitute or in case a teacher leaves one at home.

  1. Enter the ID Code
    a. If using a RFID Reader, scan the card/fob and the ID code will show up automatically in the box.
    b. If using an Action Pad: Press and hold the “scan here” button. The top line should change to “scan to display ID”. Scan the card and the ID Code will appear. You can type this number into the ID Code box.
  2. Optional – enter a description and/or expiration date.
  3. Choose the correct individual using the select options icons to the right.
  4. Once you have selected the correct individual, click save and new.
  5. The one you entered will appear in the list below. (You can right click and edit/delete as necessary)
    ** Please note: All teachers need to be registered as Users in order to use the action pads. (To check, go to tools->administration->user accounts. If the teacher is not listed, type the name into the blank line at the bottom of the list and then right click, select “link to staff”, and choose the correct individual.)

How to Enable/Disable Menu Items on the Action Pad:

If a menu item is disabled, it will not be visible on the action pad home screen.

  1. Go to Action Pad >> Setup >> Menu Items
  2. Click the box on the last column to enable/disable a function.

Additional Settings:

Private Session Alerts –

  • If set to true, homeroom teachers will receive a notification a few minutes before any of their students have to leave for a private session. Default is true.
  • Send Login Reminders – Action pad will beep if a teacher did not yet log in a few minutes after the session has begun. For this to work, device locations as well as course/session locations must be set. Default is false.

Logging In

In order to utilize any function on the Action Pad, the user must:

  • Have a registered ID Card/Fob
  • Have a user account in Admire
  • Be a Staff Member in Admire

How to Log in:

  • Make sure the device is switched on and charged. (The switch can be found in the back of the device)
  • Click on the button “Press to Begin”
  • Scan the fob/card by the blue light on the right side

Please note:
You will only have access to class attendance on the next screen if there are current sessions linked to your ID, otherwise the screen will display “no current session”

All teachers should make sure to log in to the action pads every morning. This will enable the office to send them notifications. If an action pad logs out in middle of the session and the office is trying to send a notification, the action pad will flash and beep to notify the teacher to log back in in order to see the message.
The teacher also has the option to manually log out. There is a log out option on the bottom of the home screen, simply press the button and you will be logged out. It is recommended that all teachers log out during recess so that the students will not be able to see any notifications or do anything on the device.


The action pads must be charged in order for them to work. There is a battery indicator on the left side of the device which shows the level of charge the battery has. For a fully charged battery, all 4 bars will be lit up; as the battery is used, there will be just 3 – 2 – 1 lit up. When all bars go out, it means the battery is dead and needs to be charged. To charge the action pad, put the USB charger into the charging port and plug it into the wall. Alternatively, if you have separate battery pack, you can plug the USB charger into the battery pack instead of into the wall.

Note: When unplugging the device, the device may power off. You will need to switch it off and then back on.


Q: When I scan a teacher’s card, it just beeps and nothing comes up. A: Make sure the teachers is a User in Admire. (See note above)

Q: When I log in, it says there is no current session.

A: Check your courses and sessions to make sure all days and times are set up properly. (A common mistake is having AM/PM reversed. [there is better prevention for this in version 2.102]) If testing it out during a random time, make sure there is a current session for the teacher.

Q: When I select class attendance, no students come up.

A: Check to make sure the students are properly enrolled in the courses.

Q: When I select meal attendance, no students come up.

A: This list pulls from meal setup. Make sure the students’ meal information/eligibility was put in for the current term.

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