Start of School Year Checklist
  • 10 Sep 2023
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Start of School Year Checklist

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Article Summary

Here's a handy checklist to help ensure that you are properly, efficiently and proactively set up for the upcoming school year. 

  • Students are advanced from last year to this year in the Advancement Wizard 
  • Students are entered with the student status of student.  
  • Incoming students statuses have been changed from applicant to student. 
  • The graduating class from the previous term is now updated to status alumni.  
  • Classes can be created or mixed in the class maintenance screen.  


  • All courses are setup correctly 
  • All courses have sessions 
  • All courses have correct enrollments and teachers 
  • Default term is set to correct term in your Preferences.  
    (Tools >  User Options > Preferences. Click on School, under the tab System Preferences click on Default Term and make sure it is set to your current term).
  • Adrenaline late note printing is setup correctly 
  • Logo is added to adrenaline late note by going to School > Attendance Entry. Click on the settings and add your logo to late note logo.  
  • Late note printer is setup, and is in Preferences > Attendance > Late note printer 
  • Action pads are setup, key fobs are all scanned to correct teachers 
  • Terminate old staff 
  • Create new staff for any new staff members 
  • If using adrenaline or action pads for attendance, all teachers have user accounts and are linked to their individual staff ID 

Teacher Attendance: 

  • For Adrenaline, user preference in Adrenaline > General > use clock out is set to “true” 


  • Bus routes are setup in School > setup > bus routes 
  • Student bus routes are imported  
  • Student bus routes are assigned in the School > Bus Route Assignment screen.  

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