Student Bus Route Import
  • 21 Aug 2023
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Student Bus Route Import

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Article summary

This video shows how to use the Student Bus Route Import feature to easily import bus routes into Admire.

Please Note: Clients on AU should please refer to the following link on how to upload a spreadsheet to AU : .  Once your file is uploaded to AU you can continue with importing the actual bus routes.

This is extremely helpful for entering a spreadsheet from the Board of Education with student names and bus stops into Admire, without having to manually input the data.

Read how to use the Student Bus Route Import here:

  1. Before beginning to import your bus routes, check to make sure that your spreadsheet is ready:
    1. There should only be 1 header row at the top of the spreadsheet with the column headers. All other header rows should be deleted.
    2. Make sure your grade names in the spreadsheet match your grade names in Admire. (Ex: The LSTA has "K” instead of "Primary")
    3. If there are students on the spreadsheet without bus routes - you can save yourself time by deleting them from the spreadsheet
    4. The column on your spreadsheet that contains the student’s name should be in the format "Last, First"
  2. In Admire, go to School > Student Bus Route Import. 
  3. Select the TERM at the top of the screen
  4. You'll need to go through the 6 steps on the screen.


Please Note: Clients on AU should please refer to the following link on how to upload a spreadsheet to AU :

Once your file is uploaded to the AU Desktop (you must move it from the Uploads folder to the AU Desktop) you can continue with these instructions. 

  • Click the Browse button to browse for the file you'd like to import. If it's an excel spreadsheet, you'll be prompted to select the worksheet.
  • Click the Load button


  • The dropdowns of Route column, Location column, Time Column, and Sort column will contain the names of the columns in your spreadsheet. Select the column that matches for each one. If your spreadsheet contains 2 different bus routes for each student (way to school and way home from school), you will first choose one, and after completing all 6 steps, you will then switch those dropdowns to do the next route.
  • In the "Route Type - Admire" dropdown, choose the route type that matches to the Bus Route you're currently importing.
  • Click on the "Map Other Columns" button. Choose the columns on your spreadsheet that match for Name, Phone Number, Grade, House Address. These selections will get saved as user prefs - so as long as they didn't change, you won't need to select them each time you do an import.


The goal of Step #3 is to populate the first column in your list ("StdId") for every record you want to import.

  • The first time you click on "Match Students Automatically" - it will try to match up the students by checking if all of the following (from the spreadsheet) match (to a student in Admire):
    • Last Name
    • First Name
    • Grade
    • Phone
    • Street Name
    • House Number

It will only be able to successfully match it if there is only a single matching record. If there's more than one record that meet the criteria - it will not be able to decide on its own which one to choose. (In that case you'll end up matching it using the "Match Students One by One" button.)

You can see how many were matched up by looking at the "Matched Students Count" underneath the grid. 

  • If not all your records are matched yet - Before trying to match again, you should adjust the matching criteria to not check so many fields. You can start with unchecking Street Name, as many times the street name doesn't match exactly (St. vs. Street). First Names are also often listed differently on the spreadsheet and in Admire. 
  • After trying to match using different criteria if you are still left with unmatched records - Click the "Match Students One by One" button. This will bring you through the unmatched records one by one, showing you the data from the spreadsheet on top of the screen, and possible matches on the bottom. You can choose the match from the bottom or choose to skip a record (if there are no matches, and you need to look into why that is so, or if that student is not in your school anymore).


Once your StdId column is filled in - It's a good idea to save your list. This way, if anything gets lost, you’ll be able to reload the spreadsheet without having to match your students again.  


This is to choose what should happen in the case that you're trying to import a bus route for a student, and there is already a bus route in Admire for that student/that route type. You can choose whether you want the existing record to get overwritten, or if you want to ignore the record and leave the one that was already in Admire. You can also choose to get prompted for each record that has an existing record - to decide for each one separately.


Click the button to Import your data.

  • After it imports the list - if there is another route on the spreadsheet to import - you'll just need to switch the dropdowns of the routes in STEP #2 and click Import Data again.

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